Which wedding shows that impressed you?-231

/November 2021

I took a hard breath of cigarette and squeezed out the cigarette butts.

Rowen Moon, Rowen Moon!

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Once for love, my mind got into the water, and I held you on the cusp of my heart with all my heart;

Now that the organs are exhausted, I can't wait to bite you into pieces...

separate? No, you can't just let it go!

I want to retaliate against this family. I want to let you know what it means to stand taller and fall harder...

Today at a relative’s wedding around 11:30 before the ceremony, the bride walked up to the ceremony stage, and several photographers began to take photos! ! ! ! ! ! My husband, a group of us were taking pictures in the living room when we came to pick up our relatives. They came in and watched ≥﹏≤. Then we went back to the back room. He reached into the seam of the door and threw a hundred red envelopes in an instant. . . It's also a deep memory. During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom took out a bank card and said that this card was my salary card, and the last six digits of the card number were the date of our wedding today. Tsinghua’s tradition is to work for the health of the motherland for 50 years. Today I give this card to my wife. I will work for my wife’s health for a hundred years. I don’t know what others think. …It’s my wedding (covering my face ~ attending a wedding, the woman’s parents check the water meter, almost all of the families of both sides, the bride herself, the wedding morning just wrapped the bride’s wedding dress with a big red cloth, special soil The kind of red cloth wrapped in grandpa nao, and then put on the wedding dress, and said loudly that it means a lot of money. I was shocked at that time, what else should I do if it is already like this?? The wedding that I have the deepest impression of, is A wedding that I will never forget in my life. The bridegroom’s mother-in-law, with her square dance team, went on stage three times during the ceremony and performed the most popular square dance three times. The total duration is longer than the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom. Does it count as a Sao operation?