Which wedding shows that impressed you?-230

/November 2021

When I opened it, suddenly, a torrent of cold water splashed on my head.

The order told me plainly that that night, my girlfriend took a taxi and reached the end of the order-the indulgence bar!

When I contacted the dialogue between Lingling and his girlfriend, no matter how big my heart is, I know that my girlfriend really has a problem!

I put my girlfriend's mobile phone back with a trembling hand, pretending that there was nothing wrong, and found a private detective that night, and asked them to help me investigate the affairs of my girlfriend and Liu Mingchen.

The price of this detective is so high, I gritted my teeth and gave it.

The money is high and the efficiency is high. Three days later, the detective came to tell me that the matter was cleared.

After listening to the investigative results given by the detective and the pile of evidence, I went home trembling all over and talked to my parents.

My parents almost fainted on the spot. My dad's vitality surged, and he hurriedly asked the nanny to take medicine to stabilize.

"Luo Wenyue, Luo Wenyue, your family is so ruthless... We almost broke our family for the price-high gift, not to mention that we had been involved with Liu Mingchen a long time ago, and we were pregnant with his child..."

I gritted my teeth with hatred.

Yes, the child in Luo Wenyue's belly is not mine at all, but that of the so-called cousin-Liu Mingchen!

It's just because that "cousin" has some money, and he looked much better than my family at the time. After meeting him, his girlfriend changed her heart. She soon had a relationship with him and she was pregnant with a child.

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It's a pity that Liu Mingchen wanted children but was unwilling to take over families like Luo Wenyue. He kept dragging on.

My girlfriend’s family had no choice but to fake the date of pregnancy with the child and lied to me that Liu Mingchen was her cousin.

I can't help but think of the day that the doorman ridiculed Luo's appearance in a Tianjin accent.

They hinted to me at that time!

But I am stupid! I didn't know it at all, and I was almost killed at home!

If I had been investigating at that time, I would have seen through the tricks of my girlfriend's family a long time ago, and my dad would not have accidentally entered the hospital and hurt his head...