Which wedding shows that impressed you?-229

/November 2021

I deliberately set up a banquet and bought a luxury car to celebrate my dad’s discharge from the hospital.

It is to let all customers and colleagues know that my family has not fallen down and still stands firm

At the banquet, his girlfriend's family appeared again.

This time, they were no longer as arrogant as they were when they drove me out last time, and they celebrated my dad's discharge from the hospital with a smile.

I treated each other coldly, but my mother advised me not to make trouble so ugly. My girlfriend was still pregnant with a four-month-old child.

Seeing my girlfriend holding her belly in tears and being helped to me, I couldn't help feeling in sympathy.

In front of countless guests, I still gritted my teeth and hugged my girlfriend.

The smiles on the faces of my mother-in-law and father-in-law became brighter and even talked directly with my parents about our wedding next month. I

In a daze, I forgot how ugly the two previous two troubles were...

I wanted to resist saying that I didn't want to be the son-in-law of this family, but looking at the parents who wanted to hug their grandchildren, they were still silent.

I thought it was all over.

But I was wrong, this is just the beginning of everything.

Our fitted lace wedding dress are made to unsettle even the casual looker. Stop searching from over-priced retailers and buy now.

I found out that my girlfriend lied to me at the time, and I still bear it, but because she was pregnant with a child, she didn't dare to stimulate her but secretly reminded her a few words.

I know that because of the disadvantage of the bride price, she may have a little emotion in her heart and want to play outside, but she is about to be a parent. How can she change it?

But whoever thought...

On this day, I accompany my girlfriend to do beauty treatments outside.

My car was sent to be checked and repaired because of a small scratch. I want to use my girlfriend's mobile phone to get a taxi.

The girlfriend who was making a face gave me the phone, I opened the taxi-hailing app and followed the taxi-hailing record. Suddenly, I came up with a rush, and I couldn't control my hand and turn to the order she had placed when she went out in the middle of the night that day.