Which wedding shows that impressed you?-227

/November 2021

"Yes! Break his leg!"

The voices of people on the construction site made me feel unsteady and numb.

Fortunately, one of the uncles has been working with my family for many years. Seeing my appearance, he dragged me to the side and asked him. I told him that my dad borrowed money for my high gift. Although my family is right now, it has always had a good reputation. , It will definitely be paid back in full when the project is over.

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The uncle smoked two cigarettes and helped me and other workers to discuss for a long time.

In the end, the uncle told me that the workers were still worried about the breakdown of my family’s funds, but they could give me one day to prepay half of the funds tomorrow, which is 500,000, and they would continue to work.

But on this day, where can I get half a million dollars?

In particular, the news of my dad's "bankruptcy" has spread. The debts previously borrowed before the debtor has not come to ask for the debt is considered pretty good. Who else is willing to spend half a million at this juncture?

I thought of the bride price.

If you borrow the gift money first and make up for the debt here, you may be able to tide over the difficulties!

I rushed to my girlfriend's house, but the door of his girlfriend's house was closed tightly, and there was no voice.

When I called my girlfriend, I heard the phone ring from the door of the poorly soundproofed house, and my heartfelt like a knife.

But I can't give up like this, I begged my girlfriend to open the door.

After a long time, the mother-in-law opened the door and yelled, "Well, don’t you tell me that your family is going bankrupt. If I wasn’t well informed, I would really marry your daughter to a family like yours!"

I pleaded, "Auntie, my family is really not bankrupt. You first refund me the gift money and let me pay the workers' wages. I will give you an IOU. Can I pay more than 100,000 at that time?"

In exchange, my girlfriend's brother kicked me in my heart.

"You dream! I thought we would believe your nonsense?! Tell you, Zhou Qin, from then on, your Zhou family and my sister have nothing to do with you.