Which wedding shows that impressed you?-226

/November 2021

Yin, "The Son, come to the hospital, something happened to your dad——"


My dad is rescued.

I don't know how I got to the hospital.

My mother cried silently on the phone and fainted. The relatives arranged her mother before telling me the ins and outs.

It turned out that the news that my dad borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from someone was spread out somehow. The workers thought that my dad borrowed money from someone was a precursor to bankruptcy, and they couldn’t pay for their work in the future. Only after the completion fee is willing to continue working.

In the chaos, my dad accidentally stumbled, fell off a high platform, hurt his head, and was sent to rescue. Thinking of the high price of the bride price and the child in the belly of his girlfriend, the mother lying unconscious in the hospital bed, and the father in the rescue room... I covered my face and cried loudly in front of my mother's bed.

This fucking life!

At this moment, under the circumstance of my relatives, I realized that I have grown up and I am no longer a baby bird sheltered by my parents. I have to deal with this matter myself and take up the responsibility of this family. ! The project on the construction site cannot be interrupted. Once it is interrupted, the large amount of investment in the home will be in vain. Workers must continue to start work, and the project funds will be returned in a few days so that our family will not fall into the tragic situation of capital flow and bankruptcy!

I asked my relatives to take care of my parents and went to the construction site alone.

Workers on the construction site were smoking cigarettes, looking at me with bad eyes.

Surrounded by dozens of people, I felt suffocated and tried to make my voice less trembling, "Listen to me, please rest assured, we will not default on your labour costs. When the project is over a few days later, we will ..."


I didn't know where the plastic bottle was thrown and it hit me in the face.

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"We need money now! After a few months of hard work, your Zhou family is going to go bankrupt. I tell you, if you can't get the money today, we will break your leg on the spot!