Which wedding shows that impressed you?-225

/November 2021

At that moment, I was a little confused.

Even if I know that Liu Mingchen is his girlfriend's cousin, I still think something is wrong.

Your relationship is so good, do you want to put it on top? And since it's on top, why is the dialogue box empty?

Under my confusion, I opened the dialogue between my girlfriend and Lingling again and saw the conversation between the two of them last night.

After nine o'clock in the evening, Lingling asked: [Are you really going? 】

Girlfriend: [Well, I'm done. 】

Lingling: [You pay attention to safety. 】

At three in the middle of the night, girlfriend: [Lingling, I'm downstairs in your house. 】

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Just now the sound of the prompt sounded, and it was Lingling’s reply: [Did you have fun last night? 】

I feel cold all over.

Lingling's words clearly proved that last night her girlfriend was not going to accompany Lingling who broke up at all, she had gone out to play! Why did she lie to me, and who did she play with? With her cousin?

At this moment, the sound of walking suddenly came from outside the door.

I quickly covered the computer and walked into the toilet.

My girlfriend opened the door and came back. She was on the phone and said softly, "Well...I'm at home, he's going to work, you..."

Halfway through the conversation, my cell phone's ringtone suddenly rang.

I hung up the phone in a panic, pretended to go to the bathroom, and walked out of the bathroom.

Seeing me being stupid, my girlfriend hung up the phone unnaturally and asked, "You, why are you back?"

"I have a document to use at work. I'll get it back." I pretended to be innocent. "Where did you go? Why aren't you at home? Who do you call?"

The girlfriend replied, "Oh, I just went out to accompany Lingling. She just asked if I got home."

Watching her lie to me smoothly, my heart sank.

My phone rang again, which made me a little upset, and casually said to my girlfriend, "I'm leaving now."

After I left the house, I took out my mobile phone and realized that it was my mother's call. I have already called five or six calls in a while.

My mother has a stable personality and has never been so flustered. What's the matter? When I answered the phone with doubts, I heard my mother crying