Which wedding shows that impressed you?-223

/November 2021

I report a new job with a hundred thousand times enthusiasm during the day, and at night I go back to the house I rented with my girlfriend to take care of my girlfriend. That ignorant kid

Some day after more than a month.

I came back late from working overtime that day, so tired that I couldn't open my eyes, and fell asleep directly on the sofa.

Half-dreaming and half-waking up, it seemed to hear someone making a whisper call, and vaguely heard some words such as "wine" and "slow down".

It took a long time before I completely woke up and saw my girlfriend dressed up very beautifully and was about to go out in a skirt.

"Wendy, it's so late, where are you going?" I sat up on my body, thinking that the call I just heard was a dream.

My girlfriend was a little surprised to see that I woke up, and walked out with the bag, "Oh, Lingling broke up with her partner, I will go over and see her."

Lingling is just her former university roommate and a good girlfriend.

I uttered, "Do you need me to send you?"

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"No, you just have to take a good rest at home."

After speaking, his girlfriend hurried out.

I took out my phone and checked the time, ten o'clock in the evening.

Most of the night, I waited for my girlfriend without waiting.

I called my girlfriend and didn't answer it. I only found out that I was blacked out by sending a message to her girlfriend, which made me so anxious to call the police in the middle of the night.

Until three in the middle of the night, my girlfriend finally answered my call.

"Where are you, Luo Wenyue? What time is it now, you don't call back or give news, can you, a pregnant woman, pay attention to your safety outside!" I was a little anxious, and my tone was rushing.

The girlfriend's tone was very tired, "I'm at Lingling's house. She is in a bad mood and keeps crying. How can I have time to look at the phone? You can pick me up now."

She said that I also turned off the fire, and immediately drove to pick her up.

She seemed to be tired on the road. She leaned on the co-pilot and fell asleep.