Which wedding shows that impressed you?-214

/November 2021

When I was sitting and playing with my mobile phone, I suddenly heard the emcee ask: Whose mother is the bride? Most of the bride was as stunned as I was, without making a sound. The emcee asked again whose mother is the bride? (In my heart: it's your mother! What kind of sand coin problem is this?) The awkward atmosphere filled the audience. The emcee seemed to have his own embarrassment isolator. He persistently asked for the third time, and finally did not say anything to the bride. Under the circumstances, go back to find and add one sentence is the child’s mother. Hearing this, I can't help but whisper to my family, the emcee of ceremonies neurosis. 

I am the bride who held the wedding on October 5th, and there is nothing wrong with the groom. The wedding is really awesome, I have never seen such a show operation. . We held a wedding in Wuhu, looking for a local wedding in Wuhu, called Wuhu Ai Shang wedding, in a white house on the pedestrian street. In the beginning, the communication was very good. Maybe in order to sign the order, I took a bunch of pictures I didn't know where I could do anything. In fact, later, they couldn't build a big scene. . Later, the mother-in-law paid the deposit, and then it started. This so-called wedding planning, oh, she was also part-time wedding planning, as if she had forgotten us. 

Then I saw that the wedding is still a month away, and it’s too late to design it. At the urging, I drew a stick figure for me. I also found a few net pictures of Xiaohongshu that I designed by myself, and sent them to me. I saw that you copied it anyway, so I’ll just give you what I want. I found a picture. Thousands of warnings told me that there is no need to add additional design, just restore it. She also agreed and said it’s okay. Definitely restore. Before the wedding, she disappeared again. She needed the process arranged by her to find someone else's time for us, let us make do with it. The photos/music etc. that need to be arranged by her are all handled by us. 

The finalized drawings that need to be produced are tattered and told me that there is not enough material on the computer. Then she will restore the scene and she will definitely restore it to us. On the wedding day, she disappeared again. 

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