Which wedding shows that impressed you?-213

/November 2021

There are really many people who chatter. There are always a lot of people piled up next to the bride. They light up cigarettes and get red envelopes, introduce and toast. There are a lot of shows. The guys who are not honest, borrow The opportunity to touch the bride's breast and rub the bridesmaid's ass, there are many such things. Some close relatives and some relatives were embarrassed to move the bride, so they thought of the bridesmaid's little hands. Some bridesmaids were young daughters-in-law, very generous and loud, and when someone touched her chest, she laughed and shouted loudly. Yes, I want to have milk, come here and eat in front of everyone. Some lads and some people stepped back with this call, but after a few minutes, the salty pigman came back. The children who couldn't get in the door were watching, clapping their hands while clapping while watching, just like watching a big show, very interesting. Therefore, when they get married in a family, the villagers are like watching a big show or a movie. When I hit the door with my friend, I stole the room card in advance. I remembered that my best friend got married and another friend was a bridesmaid. That friend was too good at blocking the door and asked for red envelopes. After blocking the door for several rounds, I received a bunch of red envelopes. Finally, the bridegroom had no red envelopes. The bridesmaid asked to use WeChat to transfer money, the bride was anxious when she heard it, and shouted to open the door, saying that it was her money after marriage, hahaha

When working as a bridesmaid, the host called all the children on the stage to liven up the atmosphere and said that I will talk about an item you will find, first the Huawei mobile phone and then what is the daily necessities of the watch. Later Gao Neng came. The host: I asked for two shirts for the best man (the best man was wearing only a shirt while sitting under the stage), but a group of children gathered around the best man and asked them to take off their clothes. Turning to the answer to the emcee, I suddenly remembered. Not long ago, I went to the wedding with my family. Since I didn't know the bride and groom, I didn't get close to the ceremony. 

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