Which wedding shows that impressed you?-212

/November 2021

Later, the request was more excessive, and it cost 20 yuan to smoke on the side of the road. Later, a motorcycle came, and the groom embarrassed the situation, Mo's gave him money, took the cigarette and left.

For the second friend's wedding, the groom was trimmed and the clothes pulled out. It is not clear who got a few water guns, which were filled with ink, and barked at the groom. The groom screamed. Then the ink was gone, and they replaced the old vinegar to kill the bridegroom. Not only do I think they are doing too much, but they are also doing some show operations. If I get married and have such a group of brothers, I really don’t want to be brothers.

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Rural weddings, rural weddings are full of trouble. Especially for those who are not married, the big girl is crazy like a drunk, just like crazy. Their slogan was that there was no size on the wedding day, so under the protection of this banner, they did what they were usually embarrassed to do. It is said that the bridesmaids that the woman looks for are big girls and little wives who are very generous in the countryside. This kind of bridesmaid is able to complete the task of the bridesmaid smoothly, and the completion is very neat and refreshing. A young man in the countryside got married this day. There was a big banquet and a riot in the bridal chamber, which was very prosperous and boundless. In accordance with the bow of the countryside, in accordance with the law of ruining bridal chambers in the countryside. The evening banquet is about to end, and before it is over, the bridal chamber will begin. Those who enter the bridal chamber are the iron buddies of those young lads in the countryside. Your distant relatives are in their twenties or thirties. Isn’t the age too old? The age of the Jingdong room is too young, just outside the door and in the window. Take a look outside. After arriving at the bridal chamber, those regular programs, such as squeezing balloons, gnawing apples, sugary lumps, etc., started to use their hands and feet. Those young lads took this opportunity to have a hand addiction. There are countless salty trotters. . They deliberately made the occasion very lively.