Which wedding shows that impressed you?-211

/November 2021

Therefore, at the wedding banquet, I naturally sit at a table with my family and 2 bridesmaids. After the ceremony, the person in charge of the wedding scheduling asked me to go over for dinner. I ate so happily, after all, I was at the table with my family. Talking while eating, it's the same as your wedding, haha. When I was almost eating, I was finally called away by my husband, saying that I was going to have a toast. I just remembered, yes, the newcomer must go to toast everyone. The point is here, I have eaten almost, and everyone else has basically eaten almost as well. This means that many people are about to finish eating before we go to toast. Sure enough, only three tables seemed to be respected in the end, and the others were all scattered. Because there is one private room for one table, the people in the other private rooms don't know that we are toasting. Before we started to toast, my husband actually asked several times if it was time to arrange a toast for both of us. As a result, the hotel said that we only booked two sets of toasting glasses and so on. Now there is no more. As for the set we ordered, my father-in-law and mother-in-law took it to toast, so my husband and I can only wait for them to finish before we can go to the guests to toast. So my husband was very angry at one time and felt that at his wedding, he didn't go to toast to relatives and friends. The truth is, I don't care at all. Anyway, except for the table where I was with my mother's family, I don't know any other guests, haha.

Real people and real events, wedding photography follow-up. Both times, the groom was miserably trimmed by the best man.

The first couple, the man entered the woman’s house and placed a staircase of beer, vinegar and liquids that I didn’t know about. Being a photographer is definitely a follow-up shoot. The man's best man group took a sip and rushed into the woman's house, which is actually fine. The worst thing was that the bride and groom returned to the wedding room halfway, but the lucky day was not there, so the best men dragged the groom down, pulled out his clothes and pants, drew on him with a whiteboard marker, and beat the groom with bamboo sticks. 

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