Which wedding shows that impressed you?-210

/November 2021

She used to be very important to Hu Lei, what about now?

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"It's late tonight." Hu Lei walked into the bedroom. "Sleep here."

The high school roommate got married and several classmates went, and the two roommates were still best men. Their local motorcade didn’t have too many requirements. They just asked for the first car on the day of the wedding, and then took a look at the number of cars. All the others just looked at the cars that were OK and went in. Another classmate’s car and I were expropriated. . The day before I had to pull the dowry, the bridegroom was from Linxian, and he drove quite a lot and was not familiar with the road. Only the two elders were a little familiar. Then the bride’s hometown, my dad happened to be in the township government, so I was familiar too. Then when I pulled the dowry back to the groom’s house, at a junction on the road, I saw that a car in front drew a circle at the junction, and then ran to lead the way. After walking for a while, I was worried about whether it was a mistake. As a result, I looked at the back. When a car followed, we ran away more assuredly. When we ran to the groom's house, we were the only two cars.

I can only say that it is fortunate to help classmates. I am embarrassed to say anything. If it is my family's affairs, 100% of them will be criticized. On the second day of the wedding, I arrived at the hotel and found that the bride’s veil was forgotten at home. Then the master of ceremonies sang for ten minutes. The two people next to him said, "What's the matter, and the other said, "What do you know, this is called warming up". . Forced to be reasonable. Then, he called the best man up again, played a game, said tongue twisters, and said next to him, it was quite interesting, and the other said, yes, it was all arranged in advance. Reasonable.

My own, haha. But I don't care, my husband cares more. Our wedding was held on the side of my parents-in-law. Because it was more than 2,000 kilometres away from my house, only 10 people came to my house.