Which wedding shows that impressed you?-209

/November 2021

Hu Lei's circle of friends also continues to show off his "single" life, and many circles of friends are made by Wang Xin. "Surf with beautiful women" "On

"Large parties", "eating high-end Western food"-and so on, are only visible to Wang Xin.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the two ate together at the man’s house. After the meal, the two of them went downstairs together.

Wang Xin spoke suddenly. "Are you free? I want to talk to you."

Hu Lei's heart was stunned. "What are you talking about?"

"It's not convenient, go home and talk."

Going home... Hu Lei trembled all over.

Home...How long have you not heard the word?

He suppressed the excitement in his heart and nodded calmly. "Let's go."

Hu Lei drove Wang Xin back to his former home in the new car, speechless all the way. Hu Lei sent me a WeChat account to explain the situation when he arrived at the door of his house.

"Brother, what should I do now?"

I replied. "Actually."


"Do you think you did something wrong?"

Wang Xin returned home and threw the bag skillfully on the sofa as if she changed back to the posture of the hostess.

"Me? What did I do wrong?" Hu Lei almost thought that there was something wrong with his ears.

"Yes." Wang Xin smiled. "You know what I hate, I hate the unchanging life, you always seem to be the same, the dishes always have the same taste, and even the postures are always so few--"

"Don't say it."

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"No, I want to say!" Wang Xin roared fiercely. "It is your fault that caused all this, and my love for you has been consumed in this life like a pipeline."

Hu Lei took a deep breath and sorted out his emotions. "However, all life will return to peace."

Wang Xin was a little stunned as if he didn't expect Hu Lei to say so.

She turned her head. "After that, I will choose to judge with my own personal advice and stay with you, but I have the conditions."

Hu Lei couldn't help laughing out loud. "Okay, you say."

"First, never tell both parents."


"Secondly, you are not allowed to mention this in the future."


Wang Xin looked at Hu Lei's calm expression, feeling a sense of fear for no reason. She suddenly felt that the man in front of her had changed, became a stranger, and became independent.