Which wedding shows that impressed you?-208

/November 2021

Hu Lei himself is also a small cadre of a public institution. Although he is not rich and wealthy, his basic life is fine.

These days, in addition to changing his face, Hu Lei has also done a big deal.

He introduced Wang Xin's younger brother, Wang Cheng, to his work as a driver.

This matter is actually not difficult, Hu Lei moved his lips, and the leader passed.

Wang Cheng didn't want to be angry at the broken auto repair shop for a long time. He was so excited to hear that he could change his job.

To this end, he also bought a set of high-end suits worth about 1,000 yuan, saying that he was going to work to make the leaders shine.

"Brother-in-law, I have you! Thank you so much!" Wang Cheng said gratefully.

"Little things, it's all one family." Hu Lei smiled and touched Wang Cheng's head, then turned and left.

He didn't dare to look into Wang Cheng's eyes. Looking at his youthful energy, Hu Lei felt guilty in his heart.

On the other side, I am getting closer and closer to "Fei Ge", even after a few workouts, I have only made an appointment for a meal.

Slowly, I also learned about the life experience of "Brother Fei". He is a rural child with no house or car. The family also hopes that he can take root in the city.

But with his appearance, this condition, it is extremely difficult to find a marriage in the city. The girl nowadays, can anyone not want a garage?

"But my current girlfriend is pretty reliable," he murmured.

"What?" I pretended not to know. "How is your girlfriend?

"It's a nice person, saying that you can marry me, and you don't want to do anything." Fei Ge smiled at me. "She talked about a ten-year relationship before, saying that she hadn't been passionate with me for these two months, and said that I gave her love."

I squeezed the glass with my fingers, swallowing the anger in my throat fiercely.

That's how I didn't let me throw the glass on his forehead.

"Well, yes, such a girl is rare." I tried to squeeze a smile.

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In this way, it has been more than two months since Wang Xin derailed.

Wang Xin occasionally went home with Hu Lei, but the family's attitude towards Hu Lei was obviously much better than that of Wang Xin, even though this daughter was dear.