Which wedding shows that impressed you?-207

/November 2021

"What else to experience!" I waved my hand and patted his shoulder. "I can trust you, I will pay directly!"

That day, I ran a half-year class of 8000 yuan. Phineas treats me like God.

Because I knew Wang Xin, I was afraid that he would show up with Wang Xin. When I was chatting with him, I deliberately changed the WeChat ID and asked him to call me Andy. Shawshank redeemed Andy, and the adulterer died on the bed.


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Hu Lei contacted me that day.

Wang Xin came to him.

"Why are you looking for?"

"She said, I don't have to please my dad, she won't change her mind."

"Unexpected." I took an apple casually and bit it. "Change your mind? How could it be possible, she took the initiative to find you, right?"


"In the future, she will take the initiative to find you more and more opportunities." I laughed. "Yu'er has already taken the bait, but it is still the same, never looking for her."

"I know, brother." Hu Lei was quite excited. "What's the next step?"

"How long have you not lived the life you want?" I changed the subject. "I remembered a few years ago, you wanted to change yourself a car, what happened later?"

"At that time, I asked for money to get married, so I was delayed again."

"Let's go, buy a car, just now."


Such a picture appeared in Hu Lei's circle of friends

The new car, Honda CRV, pure white, Hu Lei wearing a fashion brand sitting in the driver's seat, accompanied by two words: New life.

"Will she watch this circle of friends?" Hu Lei was sceptical.

"Don't worry, I will." As a photographer and co-pilot, I am confident. "You know, women like men, first of all, he must be a man."

"Let you tell me, I wasn't a man before." He gave me a mouthful.

"It's really not. You don't even want your own life for her. The more desperate you are, the less worthy of her love."

I bought a new car with Hu Lei and changed into a new outfit.

In all fairness, Hu Lei’s family is not bad. His father is a high school teacher and his mother is the head nurse of the hospital. The house where Hu Lei lives now was bought by his parents with the full money.