Which wedding shows that impressed you?-206

/November 2021

Listen to the show.

He has a bunch of fanciers, he went to the small theatre to hum two songs when he was fine, and his status as a fancier was not low

I dragged the relationship and got a lot of tickets for "Liyuanchun".

I handed the ticket to Hu Lei and said. "From now on, her father is your father, and her mother is your mother. She can serve as much as she can.

Okay, understand? "

He was stunned. "Row."

"I remember Wang Xin has a younger brother? Where does he work?"

"Wang Cheng, the auto repair shop repairs the car, what's wrong."

"Okay, it's okay." I groaned. "Don't show your feet in front of your parents."

"rest assured."

Hu Lei began to frequent Lao Zhangren's home.

Every time I go, I don’t go empty-handed. I bring a cup of tea, a piece of fruit, and most importantly, a ticket to "Pear Garden Spring".

Every time at the moment of the recording, Hu Lei would go with the old man and his fanciers. There are fanciers who are far away from home, and he is also responsible for pulling them together.

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Go, after watching the show, I invited a circle of friends to have a spicy soup and a small fried bun.

Slowly, Hu Lei also merged into the fancier circle. As a reward for "Li Yuanchun", where the fanciers went to sing, they also called Hu Lei together, and let him listen to it for free.

Fans of Lao Zhangren were full of praise for Hu Lei, which saved him a lot of faces. Lao Zhangren's vanity is held high.

"Pharaoh, your son-in-law is looking for you!"

"Hey, that is, don't look at who found it!"

Hu Lei is acting, and I am not idle.

I went to the gym in Masahiro Castle.

"You have a coach named Fei Ge?" I asked with a smile. "I heard that he taught well and would like to take his class, is it successful?"

The front desk of the gym was overjoyed and immediately arranged a Fei Ge class for me.

Brother Fei, as Hu Lei said, he is tall and big, with a full chest, but that face, I really can't compliment, looks like a squeezed can.

Fei Ge smiled beautifully. "Brother, how do you practice? Where is the focus?


"Hey brother, let me give you an experience lesson first."