Which wedding shows that impressed you?-205

/November 2021

"The society is ruled by law, brother." He smiled wryly. "I lost too badly, I want to come back, is there any chance?"

I looked at his pure pupils.

"Can win."

"You can make Wang Xin regret that his intestines are all green."


Hu Lei firmly disagrees with the divorce.

This was beyond Wang Xin's expectations.

"If you are willing to find him, you can go. It doesn't matter if you sleep in his house. Divorce just doesn't work. I have to visit our parents' house during the holidays."

"I can't see it, Hu Lei." Wang Xin was yin and yang strange. "Ten years, I still don't know that you are a green hat slave. Whatever, I see how long you can bear it."

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The next day, Wang Xin came to Hu Lei's house and began to pack his things.

Hu Lei watched silently, playing with his mobile phone occasionally.

"Don't say a word to her," I warned him on my phone. "Otherwise, it falls short."

He looked at my news and gritted his teeth

After more than two hours, Wang Xin finally finished packing her things, and she finally couldn't help it.

"You look at it like this?"

"Otherwise?" Hu Lei asked rhetorically.

Wang Xin was extremely angry and laughed. "Hu Lei, let me tell you, we haven't gotten divorced yet!"

Hu Lei's expression became weird, and then he shook his head indifferently.

He picked up several big bags that Wang Xin had packed, put them together outside the door, and then dragged Wang Xin to the door.

"I can only help here."

Close and lock the door.

Sure enough, Wang Xin violently knocked on the door.

"Asshole! Hu Lei, you are not human!"

Wang Xin's scolding became louder and louder, and the door slamming became louder and louder.

At this moment, Hu Lei's back was close to the door, and he clenched his molars before letting tears flow out.

"How does it feel?" I asked him.

"Uncomfortable, like being stabbed in the chest."

I sighed. "Thanks for your hard work, brother, this is still the first step, do you want to continue?"

For a long time, I looked at the WeChat he came back.


"The more it hurts, the more I have to continue."


Wang Xin's parents are both civil servants. Before his father retired, he was a deputy director somewhere. After he retired, he became a hobby.