Which wedding shows that impressed you?-194

/November 2021

(You can also refer to this method for family portraits with your parents so that your family portraits can also be creative) #Reversed parents are boys picking up girls, and it can be cool to reverse it. #The second half of the awkward dance In the second half of the session, the scene will be turned into a dance/concert scene and let the whole audience dance with you. You can tell the guests in advance that you will have such a process and dress code. # Parents Send Rings Most of the bridesmaids are responsible for sending the rings, or occasionally grandparents and grandparents come to send the rings. Messmer thinks that you can also consider asking both parents to give the ring together. Because their views on marriage and love have the deepest impact on each of you, it is up to them to give you this ring that symbolizes marriage, which may be more meaningful than others. Have you watched "Dear Myself" recently? The protagonist's marriage proposal was sent by a drone. It's so handsome. However, this matter is risky. Rehearse several times in advance, so that the drone will be obediently and ensure that the mission is completed. An outdoor wedding can refer to. Indoors...emm..#Record family photos. Many times newcomers will only think of beautiful photos of themselves. It is easy to overlook family members. But for most Chinese weddings, this day is more than just yours. Parents and family members may be more dedicated than you. When I grow up, I rarely have the opportunity to record what they have done for me, and it may not even be visible. Recognize the true face of your girlfriend. When I got married, I bought a set of simple cosmetics for my bridesmaid and gave me a fur shawl, because it was winter. Give invisible bras, rent dresses, discuss with your parents in advance to arrange seats, and sit in the banquet when you don’t need the bridesmaid to appear. For this, I think what I have done is not good enough. I feel that I have treated others badly. Shouldn't the bridesmaids still have the bridesmaids red envelopes prepared by the groom's house? If the wedding arrangements are unreasonable and the bride is negligent, he should ask you, bridesmaids, to have a good meal to express gratitude and apologies, otherwise, I really can’t make it through.

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