Which wedding shows that impressed you?-151

/November 2021

When picking up the family, the best man team first found the shoe we hid in the empty vase, but couldn't find the other shoe (they opened the trash can, and even the groom went under the bride's skirt and couldn't find it...).

Just when our bridesmaids were making red envelopes, the groom silently found the shoes from behind the pillowcase...

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When I got married, my friends hid the shoes in the top of the drawer of the bedside table. The drawer was completely invisible when I pulled it out. The best man almost demolished the entire room and couldn’t find it.

My limited experience tells me that the groom is probably embarrassed to hide one under the New Year’s dress, and there is no one that can be touched.

Get married and call the door, you should be polite, sing a song to say a good thing, it’s not difficult for you to smash the door and hit the glass, and break the glass ball. Is it noble behaviour? What else do you say to put your brothers and friends in the lead and rush to perform? No one is stopping you in the show, don't make the vulgar behaviour so fresh and refined

I remember when my aunt’s child got married, we went to the woman’s house and called for the door, and the red envelopes were all sent out. Several brothers in the woman's house blocked the door and couldn't open it. It's about to see the time, and then say we can squeeze in. The woman’s parents also communicated, but the woman’s older brothers just didn’t open the door... After the woman’s parents agreed, we started to squeeze, but his door was tiled. The ground slipped... the few insides were also big masters, and we couldn't push them against the door. In the end, there was really no way. Our man is almost all on, braced, shoulders resting on shoulders. The front hand took a stool and was about to push the door open. Okay... The tenth or twentieth person opened the door hard and pushed it on with a stool. The stools were deformed... Pushing violently, the door frames were broken before entering. When I went in, seven or eight men blocked the door. One foot is against the door, and the other is against the wall.