Which wedding shows that impressed you?-143

/November 2021

Speaking of the customs in my house, it is interesting. The bridegroom is not allowed to pick up the relatives, but the bridegroom's father or brother and other male relatives are required to go. This is no better than kowtowing to the parents because where there is a custom of kowtow, the groom also has to kowtow to the parents-in-law, so it is relatively fair, right? We feel a little bit of not paying attention to the newlyweds. Some friends I met were unhappy because of the wedding (the wife’s family is a foreigner, not a local), but some boys’ parents directly said that the woman is not willing to follow the woman’s will. It’s just a formality. So in fact, the place with the same custom also depends on the people. See if you can be considerate and understand each other. Those who don't get married if you don't kowtow will most likely encounter other problems and will not think too much about the woman. After all, the knock is for your own parents, and it is not the boy’s parents who raised the girl.

My dad’s hometown has this custom, not just getting married, he would kneel during the New Year, and he would knock three heads to a group of old men and old ladies he didn’t know. He would often see a group of well-dressed middle-aged people coming in and kneeling down and banging three heads. Local, or a group of people pushing around and arguing about who should kneel for whom, speechless, anyway, I hate this custom, living so big that I need to bend my knees to strangers? There are relatives who kowtow to get the red envelope, so you can take it yourself, just kowtow and take my share. My boyfriend doesn’t have this habit, and I’m also going to talk to my dad. It’s OK to go back to my hometown. I’ll have all the etiquette, so don’t think about it if you kowtow, otherwise, we won’t return.

It is usually communicated in advance. After all, the local customs are different from other local customs. It is completely the same and unrealistic. Discuss in advance. In some places, the wedding will not be changed. I added this. When I got married, everyone said that there were no customs or customs, and it was still messed up. Actually, it’s not that. No one cares. I asked many times whether the red carpet is ready. No

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