Which wedding shows that impressed you?-142

/November 2021

My classmate got married and I was a bridesmaid. It was very busy and chaotic that day. I had lunch with the bride, so I ate it last. After I left, I realized that I didn’t even have any wedding candy. I didn’t even have one. I didn’t eat the rice well, and I was tired of so long. The bridesmaid is really not a good job.

The best man and bridesmaid is a habit from Europe. The original intention is to allow unmarried people to also participate in the wedding so that they will have experience when they get married so that they will not panic. Up to now, well, maybe some places have become a happy picture, don’t care anymore

My best friend got married a year ago, and I went a little late that day, and I had a table with another friend. Later, another girlfriend brought her husband. We had a banquet for four of us, but there were wedding candy and souvenirs for 10 people in the seats. After the banquet, my first friend and I took our wedding candies and souvenirs and prepared to go. My girlfriend’s husband took away the 6 wedding candies and gifts on the remaining seats. (My girlfriend’s husband is said to be a rich second-generation). This operation is also speechless. ...

My mother attended a friend’s child’s wedding and was given a plastic bag before entering the table. At the end of the ceremony, there was an old lady who did not know who asked for this dish and finally gave my mother a plate.

I have attended many wedding banquets with parents and no newcomers present. It is not convenient for children to come back from abroad, women who marry and return home from abroad, and those who travel to get married. It feels good! Wouldn't anyone want to watch the host program of those messy tossing people? Anyway, if I notify you, you will prepare the money. Everyone knows what's going on and it's not embarrassing. Good. It's embarrassing to watch those performing weddings.

I got married at the beginning of the year, it's almost a year

Because of this kowtow, my grandfather said he would beat me to death. He said he would beat me once.

My husband came to pick me up that day. I haven’t packed up yet. The people who picked me up are also having breakfast. My classmates and girlfriends block the door and seem to have nothing to do with me. Finally, they enter the room and stuff a red envelope to find shoes. Everything went as expected. , And then the matchmaker said that the time was up and it was almost time to set off. My husband just caught my hand, and his cousin and friends helped directly carry me away and went straight to the road in front of the house, and then kept carrying me (the two of us). I walked for a few minutes at home). I stopped when I walked. I had shoulder pain and put me down. The wedding day was nothing different except for the cold. The next morning, my sister sent a message saying that I should be careful when I see my grandpa in the future. Well, don’t see me. I was also blinded. On the third day, I went back to my grandpa’s house in the afternoon (husband is going back to Shenzhen, so there is no spare time). of. Later, my dad quietly told me that my husband left behind me on his back that day, and didn't kowtow to my grandmother and my parents?

I was born and raised for more than 20 years. I have not heard of this custom. Later, I heard that there is a custom to give grandma to my parents, but we didn’t know at the time. None of my parents, my grandma, my grandparents, and my grandparents told me about this. , My husband did not say at home.

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