Which wedding shows that impressed you?-141

/November 2021

Seeing so many weddings, I still feel like my husband hosted it the most. It should also meet the expectations of most girls for the wedding, which is both sacred and warm.

haha, I can imagine that an older brother I know is also an armed policeman. He is the best man. The best man group basically wears military uniforms (I don’t know why they are allowed to wear military uniforms or). When picking up the bride, my brother With a trumpet and shout outside, you are already surrounded, put down the props in your hand, and slowly open the door. We will give you a dozen red envelopes for mercy. Don’t resist, don’t make senseless struggles, except for mother-in-law, other girls All of them are taken away. hahaha laughed at me

Hey, just after we got married, a friend came over. I kept changing schools, which caused my middle and high school classmates to have no contact. I was quite lonely and didn’t contact my former friends very much. A college classmate came, and my child was still busy at work. not coming. Fortunately, there were younger siblings from relatives who came to the door. Time was a bit tight, so it was still lively, but I was still very worried, and there were no friends in front of me. When they got married, I tried to go as much as possible. A little lost, the far-away classmates really won’t last long

On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom are the protagonists, and nothing else matters. All the processes on that day are formal, and it is the truest that you and your lover live happily!

My girlfriend’s wedding. When grabbing the bouquet, she was snatched by her sister’s boyfriend, and then proposed to her sister (bridesmaids) on the spot. I felt that her father’s smile was a little frozen. This is the rhythm of marrying two daughters in one day.

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There are really all gods and people. My classmate gets married on New Year's Day, we go to help decorate it. As a result, the steward they were looking for didn't let us put the wedding candy. We had to wait until the ceremony was over to open the dinner and see how many people sat at each table to put a few packets of wedding candy. I really take it. This is not a white wine. A bottle of hundreds of thousands is less than a table and a lot of money. The wedding candy is just how much money, it was originally a stroke of good luck, some people took one or two more packages to those who didn't come to the party, it is not too much. It's enough for someone who gets married to find this person to help and direct.