Which wedding shows that impressed you?-140

/November 2021

My high school classmate fell in love at the time and got married later. Our headteacher had to be the witness, hahaha, my classmate quit, saying that he came, and the marriage was not good!

My old uncle fell in love early in junior high school and persisted for ten years. He got married last year and the principal of the junior high school was specially invited to be a witness for the wedding.

Hahaha, The witness to the wedding of my high school classmates was the headteacher who blocked their early love in every way. Before the marriage chat, I said that I was looking for the headteacher to witness the marriage, but it was not the high school headteacher, but the junior high school headteacher, who went up to the scene to witness the marriage. Then our colleagues at this table were crazy about whether the primary school class teacher was too old, so he didn't serve as a witness.

When I got married, I met my wife in my wife's hometown. Her home was two small three-story buildings in the countryside, and the two rooms were interconnected. It's just that they usually eat and live on the right side, so before the pick-up, I was thinking that they would arrange it on the right side. Sure enough, on the day of the pick-up, the door on the right was locked several times, and the door on the left was wide open, and there was no one. I took the best men and rushed directly to the right. They thought we were going to hit the door. Even the best men thought so. When I was about to hit, I suddenly ran back and walked to the left and went straight to the third floor. They were too lax. Yes, the door of the room is not closed, I just went indirectly, the bridesmaids looked dumbfounded, didn't they embarrass you, why are you so fast? I smiled slightly, isn’t it a bit difficult to catch a kiss?

When I got married, two friends of my husband and his wife ran to my house ahead of time and said they were going to be family members. When they came, they ate dumplings and greeted my relatives, friends and bridesmaids in all aspects. My husband came to pick up the parents. People opened the door after eating our dumplings and said you are here, come in. Everyone on my side was caught off guard

My cousin got married and I became the best man. I tried to sneak my hand through the window to open the door under the guise of a red envelope, but they almost broke my hand. My cousin got married and I am also the best man. This time it was successful. The red envelope bought a kid as a rape.

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