Which wedding shows that impressed you?-139

/November 2021

The bride should not dress beautifully on the day of the wedding, just be responsible for being happy? What is the operation of pouring the bride to drink vinegar? Stunned!

After all, many college roommates may only have the opportunity to meet when they are married.

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I personally feel that if you and your girlfriend are treated in this way, there may be problems with the treatment of your classmates and wedding arrangements.

Your classmate is busy that day and may ignore you, but his relatives must be responsible for entertaining guests. This is a very important part of the wedding.

Furthermore, the number of tables on the wedding day should be counted in advance, and spare tables should be reserved in case you can’t sit down. If you can't sit down, the host should feel embarrassed. Even if the number of tables is incorrect, it is normal to arrange for classmates and friends to have seats first, and relatives who are relatives at home can squeeze.

It hurts feelings to encounter this kind of thing at the wedding, but the university roommates get together and get together.

If he apologizes to you later, it can be saved

I think my house is very good here, just give some wedding candy. If you meet someone else’s family-carriage team, everyone will have to get off the bus and exchange each other’s sweets and cigarettes.

It was awesome. When I was a bridesmaid, a few male drivers intercepted the car and asked for cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol. The local customs cut off the road. Then, I took my lipstick and got out of the car. When I saw the driver, I put lipstick on them. I just watched. See who doesn’t have a wife. You don’t want us to marry a wife, right? Then I will let you go home and fight with your wife, each other.

My husband and I got engaged, and we caught up with the two families to have dinner with the high school physics teacher. The physics teacher was very upset. I didn't notice the expression at the time and said, "Co-author, you two didn't study well at the time?

This is quite normal. Our headteacher was once invited to a wedding. It was a young couple who had been torn apart and drunk a lot. They were very happy, but it was true that another teacher who had also visited said that the bridegroom spoke specifically when he spoke. Thanks to the teacher, although the teacher has always wanted to separate them, their grades have dropped a lot. It is true that the teacher was really good for them back then.