Which wedding shows that impressed you?-138

/November 2021

When I got married, I also placed two cases of beer on both sides of the corridor. My husband, the best man and the family group drank a few bottles and rushed to pick me up. The witty husband chose to buy wine with a red envelope.

When my best friend got married, her bridesmaid wanted to redeem something. I was married and was the first to refuse. One was because my husband had vomited when he was the best man. Second, the best man fell, and the bridegroom was the unlucky one, and finally embarrassed. The victim is actually the bride

The bride is on the third floor. Most of the soda drinks prepared by our bridesmaid group for the groomsmen group are mixed together. In the end, less than ten steps are added with soy sauce vinegar, but the amount of liquid in the cup is very small. I am worried about the groom and the best man. Including blocking the door and a few small games at the back, for a moment, I didn’t dare to play big

My best friend gets married, I also prepare something like this, but it’s not white wine. The bottom layer is beer, and the top layer is Sprite and Coke. A full glass.

The bridesmaids are okay and don't make trouble specifically. The job of a bridesmaid is similar to a bodyguard, and it is the bride who has been harassed (in recent years, the bridegroom has suffered a bit of crime: the only underwear left in the winter or the three-layer quilt in the summer). Generally, the bridesmaids are like me, fierce as a tiger, and a husband who is in charge of everything. Either the boyfriend is also there, or the best man is the boyfriend at all. When robbing relatives, find the right person to take away one by one (I was taken away by my brother, but I was kicked by someone who came over and wanted to take advantage of it. ). When the bride is caught, she will ask for money, shoes, headwear, red envelopes and so on. The bridegroom is the same. Before entering the door, the men in the woman's house are all guarding at the door, with ties, corsages, shoes and socks, and picking up a 500 to redeem hahahahaha.

no. There are wedding companies, contracted. Some processes are really... hard to say. The emcee's price is obvious. The contracted kind is particularly verbose, annoying, tossing people, and it's like playing games. The expensive ones are better to speak, the wedding is more solemn, and the atmosphere is not so lively.

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