Which wedding shows that impressed you?-133

/November 2021

My family also means five yuan and ten yuan, which means to be happy. Central Plains

Nanfang remembered that when my cousin got married, he wholesaled 200 red envelopes online and went to the bank to exchange for a bunch of change. The package was 2 yuan, 6 yuan and 12 yuan, basically winning by quantity. The best man and bridesmaid would give a red envelope separately in return.

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People in Inner Mongolia passing by said that our ordinary relationship with a member is not five hundred and can’t get it. The red envelopes issued at the wedding, even if they are sent to children, have to be fifty up. Not to mention sisters, relatives, and girlfriends. They are all big bags.

Is it that we are the only one who prepares red envelopes besides the bridegroom and the bride also prepares red envelopes? There is also a role in our man's welcoming team that is a golden boy and a girl. Usually a pair of young men and women who are underage. It is estimated to be a stroke of good luck. This is a red envelope.

Place: South.

I’m in the south. My sister got married not long ago. The red envelope is like rain. The biggest one is only 50 yuan, and the other is 5 yuan and 10 yuan.

The red envelopes issued by marriage here in Inner Mongolia, don’t you just look at the amount and not the amount in the red envelope? ! ! ! When I got married, I wrapped several kinds of red envelopes, two yuan each for 1,000 spares, ten yuan red packets for 200 spares, and 100 red packets are basically for the children of close relatives. I wrapped around twenty...As a result, the wedding was over and there were a bunch of red envelopes left, and I had to take them out one by one...

When entering the gate, two or three hundred red envelopes were sprinkled out, just like a festive and lively auspicious. Anyway, they are all small bags. There is no pressure to ask for, and there is no pressure to give. A beaming red envelope is spread out and everyone is happy.

Hahaha, the entrance here in Anhui is a round of five yuan and ten yuan red envelopes, three to five hundred is enough. However, when I got married, my uncle and uncle didn’t work hard, and the door opened before I plugged in a few. The rest of the game was lost at night.