Which wedding shows that impressed you?-132

/November 2021

At first glance, there is no experience. When my cousin's sister-in-law got married, their gang used empty red envelopes to fool people! There are large bills that are at most one hundred or fifty for several elders. Others for the average generation or children are two yuan, but it must be banknotes, or just like a thief, just leave the bag empty. I remember at that time I stood outside the door and collected a few red bags. I squeezed them and found that they were empty. Then I was very angry and said, "Do you think I can use red packets!" Then I opened the door and let my dad (my Dad is the bride’s uncle, he is older.) Then my brother-in-law gave me a big red envelope and started being forced to perform.

Yes, when I got married, I wrapped a pile of two yuan, six yuan, eight yuan, and ten yuan, all stuffed in the cracks of the door, and the grabbing was all festive. And that kind of hundred-dollar bills is for bridesmaids and people who hide shoes. However, we have the custom of giving red envelopes to all relatives who give them to relatives, six hundred eight hundred. After a wedding, there are a lot of red envelopes

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Almost, our custom here is that when we go to the south to pick up the wife, the first checkpoint is the gate. Before entering the gate, we must give the lady’s nephew and niece a red envelope from the crack of the door. It depends on luck. These are big red envelopes, all of which are in the hundreds. The second level is for the elders and immediate family members in the living room, such as the woman’s parents, grandparents, uncles, grandparents, uncles, uncles, uncles, and aunts. Direct relatives like aunts and uncles offer tea, and the elders give red packets to the groom after drinking tea. Of course, they are also large bags, all of which are more than 1,000. This round is really soft; after the elders, you can go to the door of the bride’s room. Knock on the door, the room is full of unmarried girls like the cousin of the woman’s cousin. The groom will pour a red envelope of rain from the crack of the door. Of course, there are small amounts. Inside are two yuan, five yuan and ten yuan. The girl is busy picking up red envelopes and no one is guarding the door. The groom and best man in the south can take advantage of the vacancy. Then find the bride's wedding shoes, put them on, and then carry the bride out. Generally, if the man hasn't found it for a long time, the person who hides the shoes will Give a hint, it won't be too difficult for the groom. There are a lot of cumbersome customs in the process that will not be explained one by one. If you want to pick up the bride smoothly, you really need to waste a lot of effort, after all, this is only once in a lifetime.