Which wedding shows that impressed you?-131

/November 2021

a lot of. My cousin was suddenly ordered for 66,000 when he was about to have a wedding. You said he was eating, but he wouldn't tell you about-face.

Don’t squirt everyone. At first, I couldn’t understand it. Later, my mother-in-law also said that there are relatives in the village. The woman added money the night before the wedding. She was so angry that she would not marry, but the man’s grandma decided to go and borrow. You have to marry with the money, or you'll leave it alone

When I was a child, my grandma asked me, did you eat beanbags when your parents got married (my family had a wedding in the village and didn't go to the hotel). I thought about it seriously and said, "I think I have eaten it." Then he was laughed at. My grandma said, where were you when your parents got married?!

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By the way, one night I watched a video of my marriage on TV. My two-year-old son looked at and asked where Xuanxuan (my son’s name) was.

I saw a couple bringing their children to a wedding. The child said: Mom and Dad, when will you get married? I will also attend your wedding.

When I was a child, there was an uncle in the family who got married. My parents went to help. The crowd was too messy to let me go. My parents and I ran out of anger for a day and didn’t eat. The reason for the anger was: my uncle won’t let me go when he gets married. Why? When you two got married, you were a family, so why didn't you let me eat? Until now, my parents can laugh and cry as soon as they talk about it. . .

When winter comes in the village, many people get married, and many people in the village will join in. Dad often takes me there. I once asked him: Dad, why don’t you get married?

My son often points to the wedding photos on the wall and asks me why I didn’t take him in the wedding photos, and my daughter did. He was playing in the bedroom that day. He looked at the wedding photos on the bedside and asked me why I only have mom and dad without her and sister. , My daughter got angry after seeing my wedding photos and asked me why my mom and dad went to take pictures without me

When I got married, my friend told me: her son went home after drinking the wedding wine and asked her why she didn't invite him to get married. Cry