Which wedding shows that impressed you?-130

/November 2021

Once I was eating at a Xinjiang restaurant and I met a Xinjiang people at a wedding. Oh my god, I didn’t agree with each other. One of the chubby and round Xinjiang uncles was particularly flexible. The atmosphere is happier than Bengali

In the Uyghur weddings I have seen, the people who attended were all dressed up, wearing beautiful new skirts, and doing a one-off hairstyle. In short, it was very grand.

Attended a Xinjiang Uighur wedding in Zepu County, Kashgar. Ten cold dishes are on the table, and then the guests dance to the end.

When attending an Uyghur wedding as a Xinjiang, it is basically the first wave of guests who have eaten well before the bride has picked up, and I am the first wave every time.

My aunt’s daughter got married, and the man was almost at the wife’s home. The bride (my sister) went to the photo studio and the vanity car broke down and couldn’t make it back. Time is very tight and can’t be delayed. The family is going to find someone of similar size to take care of the pick-up. That is, the groom enters the house and knocks on the door to carry the bride out and walks around the venue for a few laps. Parents can toast the tea and then go back to the house and wait for the banquet to start the toast. It was cold that day, and there were very few girls from acquaintances...I was the same size...I was about the same size as my sister, thin and tall...the dress was still nice...a group of people humiliated... Really looks pretty...my sister's feet, my sister's...wear the host's shoes to squeeze your feet...not to mention, put on the temperament immediately...the red Xiuhe clothes are really good-looking... I didn't dare to say anything... After the ceremony was over, I waited in the wedding room to wait for my sister to come back... My sister had a miserable smile that day... I was a man... I had a hijab and I couldn't see my face... No chest, stuffed toilet paper...

My sister has just gotten married. We gave all the gifts from the husband's house to my sister at the wedding and added a part. I feel that this is just marrying a daughter. Don't use children as a tool to earn money.

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