Which wedding shows that impressed you?-129

/November 2021

I participated in the special ethnic customs garden once. The decoration inside is very bright and there are many bling-bling decorations. The groom is our colleague. The dress is a suit of red tie and a small flower hat. Then we went in and gave him money. Sit down again. A small narrow table is placed on the edge of the house. In the middle is a stage like a disco with carpet. The windows of the room are very small and the lights are dim. Although the stage is right in front of our table because the house only has lights on the stage. And it’s all kinds of coloured lights. The colourful lights keep flashing. In fact, you can’t see the faces of the people on the stage. Next, I gave us a small plate of peanuts, melon seeds and dried fruits. There is no candy, I don’t know if they don’t need wedding candy in their custom. It’s quite environmentally friendly without putting off firecrackers. Then I took away the dried fruits and gave everyone a small bowl of mutton, cabbage, vermicelli, potato soup and naan. There was no tableware, so I had to soak the naan in the soup before taking it. When I came out to eat, I actually couldn’t eat the naan because of my small appetite. In the end, the little brother in the kitchen brought out a big bucket full of pilaf, and we passed it on the plate. When eating the pilaf, he was very considerate and sent it to us. I used disposable chopsticks. Others are using the authentic hand-grabbing method. I tried very hard to eat the pilaf, and I felt that the leftovers were not very good. However, because I had drunk the soup before, I still didn’t finish it at the end. When everyone was almost finished eating A large group of them all ran on the stage and began to dance. The bride hadn’t appeared yet. At this time, the host told us that we could go back after eating the pilaf. Maybe their relatives could stay here and continue dancing or something, but even if we stay. I don’t know how to dance, and I can’t help others. In fact, I just want to see how the bride will dress up, and watch the show with ethnic characteristics before leaving. Unfortunately, I can’t see it anymore. People are outsiders but colleagues and not family members. It’s very strange to stay and watch the show. When we left, the bride and the group came, and we almost walked away at the meeting. When we looked back, we found that we were surrounded by a group of people and couldn’t see clearly. , I felt a little embarrassed when I didn’t understand the customs.

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