Which wedding shows that impressed you?-128

/November 2021

Get here, I don’t have a brother, only one brother. I’m afraid that no one will block the door when I get married. But maybe my classmates can offer me some help.

My boyfriend and I are high school classmates, and his university, I know his friends, and there is no lack of good relations. They said that they are considered as maidens, worried about my boyfriend’s family, and afraid that they won’t be able to get married, ha Haha

Haha, when a comrade-in-arms of mine got married, her family didn’t pay much attention to these and no one blocked the door. In the beginning, there was no atmosphere. Fortunately, a comrade-in-arms suddenly rebelled and rushed in to block the door and asked for red envelopes to activate the scene.

I cut a ceremony before and found that it was as long as an hour. I was also curious about why the ceremony could go on for an hour. When I found out that the bride’s father was wearing a tunic suit, wearing gold-rimmed eyes, combing his back and holding five in his hand when he was speaking on stage. A4 paper.

Uh...My husband's family is also a family reorganized after divorce. My husband’s mother didn’t go there when we got married, and the whole wedding was harmonious and happy.

In some areas, the custom of marriage is that the bridegroom hides the bride’s shoes when he picks up the bride. The bridegroom has to complete the problem on the woman’s side or how many red envelopes must be given to get the shoes to pick up the bride. But later, many older brothers ignored this set and asked to bring their own shoes or wife barefoot after opening the door, and forcibly picking up the bride. It is obvious that the gameplay in the video is advanced. Open the door? shoe? No, we need to find the key (fall!) I guess the next gameplay is probably to find a chain to tie up the bride or find a cage to lock it up.

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I went to Xinjiang to participate once. But it was a Han wedding. The bride and groom did not dance. There was an Uyghur kid who did a good job, very cute. My Xinjiang classmates also skipped it! Then she said that the bride’s mother still had to give her the money hahaha.