Which wedding shows that impressed you?-127

/November 2021

Your daughter-in-law’s colleague is more reliable. When I got married, my buddies played games for me. I obviously passed the test, but there were all kinds of excuses that made me dry salted water, salted Sprite, salted wine, and Sprite of wine, etc.

The meals are simple and complex. Ordinary noodles are a bowl of beef stew, a few bowls of vegetarian dishes, a plate of shrimp, steamed fish, shredded belly, and stewed chicken.

The bridal noodles should be fried individually, 16 large bowls, which means 16 dishes.

The staple foods are steamed buns and rice. I don’t touch wine. I want to drink and wait for most of the guests to leave. The remaining brothers, relatives and friends of my own family drink.

Usually, nothing happens in the afternoon.

When I got married, it was even more troublesome. I had a dowry on the first day. The maiden’s family was led by an older person, pulling the refrigerator, colour TV, furniture, and sofa pieces to the groom’s house, eating a meal, and hanging the curtains by the bride’s brother or nephew. Give red envelopes).

I will have another meal in the afternoon. The afternoon ceremony is called "kowtow". The bride and bridegroom listened to the master of ceremonies and bowed, and those who yelled would pay for the money, first from far away, such as the neighbours, and then to the close aunts, uncles, grandparents and grandparents. Now it’s simplified, saving a lot of things.

There are many customs of the Hui nationality. For example, in some places of the Hui ethnic group, the bride is still wrapped in a quilt and carried into the groom’s house.

The Hui nationality is still based on different local customs. As a Yunnan Hui girl tells you, eating is definitely not simple, but the place where the imam is asked to read is usually in the living room. Everyone can eat outside, but compared to other ethnic customs, it is true. Much simpler

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The Guangdong side is really quite casual, and when you receive the money, you can open it and return it to the guests. It means that you have received a blessing. It really means something.

Many places in Guangdong are different from other places. The money is really free. There are one or two hundred. Relatives will give more. Ordinary relatives and friends just mean it.

Before I got married, I looked for a wedding and discussed the marriage process. The person who received me asked me whether the brothers who helped me meet me are reliable. I said it must be reliable. Don’t say it too early when he said this. I ran into someone who said it was reliable, but his brother drove a truck and blocked the road. Later, I picked up my kiss and my two cousins drove a car in the middle of the road. Stop