Which wedding shows that impressed you?-126

/November 2021

After reading other comments, I come to BB to have some thoughts. The evaluation of the wedding can be discussed in different situations. For example, if your relative or girlfriend gets married, you are most likely to be concerned about whether she was happy that day, the ceremony was not smooth, the vows were not touching, whether they made sense, and it didn't matter whether the banquet was delicious or not. But if you are attending the wedding of a relative or ordinary person who can’t help you, your heart may be "What the hell, why do you speak so much, why do you set up so many ceremonial links? I'm hungry... Emma, what kind of dish, I've lost my money for nothing." Or

Packing is popular in some places. I attended a wedding banquet of a classmate in Xuzhou. We were all classmates sitting at the table. The food was just served, and we hadn’t started to eat, so we were packed by a bunch of big sisters while the aunt opened... Considering our feelings Well

Hahaha, my wedding banquet is said to be quite delicious, and one of my classmates still remember it. However, I didn’t eat a bite at all that day

On the second day of my marriage, my mother-in-law came home and asked the villagers to help cook. It was delicious too. My mother-in-law was motion sick, and the braised pork that I had eaten was spitting out halfway. I said it was a pity.

Alas, what I regret most is that my family’s wedding banquet is not delicious. I originally invited my uncle to take care of it. He used to cook the banquet and the dishes were delicious. As a result, he couldn’t come back when he went to another place, so he ordered another. An uncle who used to work under his hands, although I thank him for his kind help, it is really not tasty, unfortunately

My girlfriend’s wedding dishes are also delicious, but a table of people can’t be lifted up by the bridesmaid’s dress. All eaten by the photography team at the same table

My classmate got married last week. I just came into the house and heard the bridesmaid say that the next four representatives will pull the rope, what to drink and what to drink. When I heard this, I turned my face and went out.

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