Which wedding shows that impressed you?-125

/November 2021

Everyone thinks differently. I am also preparing for marriage now. I am very excited and happy. I will choose a good-looking happy character with my boyfriend for a long time. The day that two people are looking forward to together is also a ritual, and I pay more attention to myself. Change of roles at home. How to communicate with both parents and invite relatives and friends during the preparation process. It is also growth for us. It is also envied to see such a free and easy life. It is a different kind of life.

I was about to have a banquet too. I was so flustered every day that I couldn't sleep. I brushed into the middle of the night and finally found an experience that I could learn from. Yes, just do a wedding banquet and not a wedding.

I don’t know if it’s a three-star or four-star restaurant. It tasted bad when I tried it. I wanted to divorce...because it’s cheaper...but the wedding banquet is delicious. It’s wide...I think I used real shark fins in chicken broth.

The dishes at my wedding banquet are also delicious. It is a hotel that has long been criticized for its unpalatable dishes, and it is estimated to barely reach four stars. Many years later, more than one relative and friend told my parents that it was the best banquet he had eaten in that hotel. When I chose that hotel, I was afraid that the banquet was unpalatable and discredited myself and wanted to get a divorce.

The banquet is indeed the hard thing...I have had a wedding wine, the wedding venue is luxuriously arranged, the dishes are too unpalatable, almost all of them are vegetarian...I can only say that the new couple spends money too much, and they use it all on their own.

My mother-in-law is a foodie, and the wedding dishes she prepared for me are also delicious, but what's the use? The bride has to go through the process after eating two bites. It is uncomfortable. I want to say that I will take it home and eat it, elders. He said that he couldn't eat leftovers from his wedding banquet and refused me! More uncomfortable...

Later, I found out that the supervisor of the day really knew my family... I came to say hello. So I think it's the relationship between my family boss... If it's not for greetings, maybe the wedding banquet and the hotel are two chef systems. The hotel’s dishes are a bit of Ningbo taste, salty but not sweet, and the ingredients are not very good.

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