Which wedding shows that impressed you?-124

/November 2021

Can the keyboard play the dream wedding? Is it electric steel? The dream wedding is not enough to play the keyboard keys... And playing the dream wedding at the wedding is a show operation. What is a dream wedding? It’s just that there is no wedding in reality. The bride’s ability to understand...

I think Western weddings are the home venues for brides and grooms to show their affection. I think this bride is very cute. In other words, to go to a wedding is to eat dog food and get the love scripture.

A colleague of mine, the bride's piano teacher, on the wedding day, the bride plays the piano and the groom recites poems. There was a beam of light on the stage, and then we ate underneath with black lights. Wait until they finish playing. We are also full. Then flash people. It's pretty good to think about it. I was afraid that the food would not be served after such a tossing, and it was too embarrassing for everyone to look at each other after the food was served. That's good. Nothing is delayed.

Before I got married, my aunt came to my house and told me that I must not do those fancy rituals. The last time I went to participate in other people’s marriages, I kept doing rituals and didn’t let me eat. Now I think people in my hometown have watched that kind of ceremony enough and just want to have a good meal

For a wedding that has all the ceremonies, it costs about 100,000 yuan after subtracting the gift money. I couldn’t even eat the meal that day. Later I thought about why I was going to travel and buy it. I couldn’t bear to buy it. Are all kinds of things bad? I regret it.

That's right. Actually, we prefer to travel and get married, so we invite friends and relatives to have a meal and announce that "we are married" and it's over. The "traditional wedding" in modern society only gradually emerged in the late 1990s into the 21st century. There is not much tradition, and it doesn't matter if it is abolished.

That's so cool. I think your husband and wife are not for their parents. . This kind of traditional wedding is not going to be banned anymore. I feel (privately) that there are not many girls who don’t like traditional weddings in modern society.


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