Which wedding shows that impressed you?-117

/November 2021

Shouldn't the bridesmaids still have the bridesmaids' red envelopes prepared by the groom's house? I am curious and work hard. If the wedding arrangements are unreasonable and the bride is negligent, he should ask you, bridesmaids, to have a good meal to express gratitude and apologies, otherwise, I really can’t make it through.

I accidentally closed the comment. Hey, even my glass heart. After the wedding, this "friend" bride did another thing: she took a full set of wedding photos taken in the photo studio (more than 100), and a full set of on-site photos (more than 200) taken by the photographer at the hotel wedding, and suddenly one day later Email us a few unmarried bridesmaids... I don't know much about the new operation of "friends". Among the more than 300 photos, I only appeared on one. Why give me all the photos?

This, a lot of girls’ besties are actually used to passing the time when they are single, so they tend to fade away naturally after marriage.

Therefore, at the wedding, because they already know (or may subconsciously know) that there will be no contact in the future, they treat these "girlfriends" with the attitude of strangers: try to take advantage of them, Anyway, the last time, do not account for nothing.

Therefore, there are often those kinds of close friends who are completely over after the penultimate girl gets married, and the last one will not discover this until she gets married.

Being a bridesmaid for your girlfriends is exhausted and I think about everything. As a result, his mother-in-law and her mother-in-law treat our bridesmaids very badly, and the bridesmaids have red envelopes. His mother-in-law did not give the goblet that the planner placed during the wedding was unstable. After the wine, the goblet arrived. The planner said it was the table our bridesmaid touched. The groom came to us. The theory is that I still hate my girlfriends. The husband can’t do anything at all.

When I got married, because my family was not together, I had two games. The sister group was almost the same. The first-hand gift box was a Hermès perfume, a box of Ferrero, a Zumalong bath soap, and a brutalist blindfold. , The second-hand gift box is a cup, a ysl lipstick, a Zumalong perfume, and a box of Godiva chocolates. Sisters flew to other places, although I have packaged air tickets, but everyone asked for leave from the boss or sacrificed their vacation time. The day before, they worked so hard to help me arrange them, and the next day they were busy all day. Everyone still has a big red envelope, and I was the first to get married. When other people got married, I gave birth to a baby. I couldn't help so much. I really can't express my gratitude anyway!

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