Which wedding shows that impressed you?-108

/October 2021

The wedding banquet now is too elaborate. Originally came to have a wedding wine. I just want to give you the whole concert or something. Make a group of people hungry and wait for you to finish the performance in an hour or two. It's really boring. At least you can eat while performing.

My classmate sang it when they got married, but many people were walking the red carpet with their father mixed with their daughters. At that time, I thought it was pretty good, and the bride's singing was great.

The road for their wedding company is going to be narrower and narrower. You have to do well. Others can see it and use the publicity. Anyway, I would never choose this kind of wedding company that advertises client weddings.

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Hahaha, my only requirement for the wedding at my in-laws’ side is that I can talk less and talk less. It’s better to deal with the audience with a smile. My husband’s request is even more extreme than mine. I can use um, yes, yes, Just get these words done, hahahaha. Thinking about it now, it's so hard to be our emcee

I attended a wedding. For most of the whole process, many young ladies and sisters walked on the catwalk, including evening dresses and dresses... and various advertisements from the wedding company. Later, it was discovered that the bride belonged to the wedding company.

My wedding was held in my husband's house, and their house is called "Putting Wine". My mother-in-law specifically found the best wedding company there. The emcee, the team, and the makeup were all set. As a result, it was the master of ceremonies who made me feel tender and tender on the wedding day. A woman dressed like a weather forecast host, standing in the manner of a lady of manners, holding a microphone facing the camera, for a while, friends in the audience, let's go and interviewed my mother-in-law and husband so that she left me alone in the car. No one cares about me, I got off the car and walked into the venue... The whole wedding just listen to her all kinds of things, right? My husband and I stood on the stage stupidly and looked at the people below. I don’t know how to come today. Why does it feel like...