What interesting things did you experience when you applied for the marriage certificate-2

/October 2021

Netizen: When I got the marriage certificate with my family, my relatives were the witnesses, and my mother-in-law was the notary. At that time, I got a visa at a law firm in Hong Kong. Before, the lawyer repeatedly told us to keep a small note when entering Hong Kong. But my sister told me that she didn't need it. Well, my sister couldn't be a witness, so she had to find another lawyer to be a witness.

Netizen: My husband and I talked about the marriage certificate on the way back, and my husband told me that if he beat me in the future, it would be considered domestic violence at best. I just pinched it and said a word. After that, I can deal with you honestly and not break the law. This benefit is quite good, and my husband will not speak to me. We have been together for so long, he has never done anything to me, he always said that I tend towards violence.

Netizen: You have to fill in the form when you get the certificate. The staff said there is a sample form on the wall. Just fill it in. I picked up the pen and started to write it. The more I wrote it, the more wrong I was. I also asked people how the wall was different from mine. Take a closer look, the divorce application form on the wall, quickly pick it up and go to the other wall, embarrassing!

Haha, I took the car for a day and didn’t eat. It was getting dark and there was no receipt of the equal sign. Then the staff said that it depends on luck. My husband tried to jump in the queue and almost spent 200. Buy a number. I ordered a takeaway, and in the end, everyone else was finished and they had to get off work. My husband pretended to be very pitiful and asked the eldest sister for help. Finally, I stamped and got the notebook. My husband kissed me and said that I could not run away. People are amused.

Because my husband did not reach the legal age, the wedding was held first, and the marriage certificate was five months old. I was always tired when I was pregnant. I asked my husband to write it down for me when filling out the form and signing. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau said that they could not sign on their behalf, and asked my husband if I married voluntarily.

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