What interesting things did you experience when you applied for the marriage certificate-1

/October 2021

Marriage is a major event in life. It determines that you are no longer single. In the future, you will have to live together. You can't be as free as before. Both parties must shoulder the responsibilities of marriage. Let's take a look at some interesting things that happened on the day when the marriage certificate was received by some netizens.

Netizen: When my wife and I went to collect the certificate, I saw a few pairs of acquaintances next to them, but as far as I know they were all married. Later, when we lined up to the window, I found out that my co-author and my wife were the only ones leading the marriage. They are all here to go through the divorce procedures. Three pairs. Now my wife and I have been married for eleven years, and we are still loving and loving, and we will live together for the rest of our lives.

Netizen: My husband and I were told to go for a medical examination when we got the certificate! Because I didn't want to go because I was pregnant, I searched the marriage law and various explanations on my mobile phone, and I saw that the medical examination was not compulsory! I took the formalities and knocked on the door of No. 1 and told him the result of the search on the phone! Later, when the leader stamped, there was no medical examination! Because I saw a lot of people go to the physical examination, I was afraid of delaying time!

Netizen: At that time, we would get the certificate after the wedding. I was about to get married and suddenly became scared. I felt that New Year’s Eve was approaching and the Civil Affairs Bureau would not be able to do it during the holidays. He asked me if I could ask for leave, and I said no! A few days later, he sent the marriage certificate to my house. I looked at it and said it was fake, and my mother scolded it! Then we got married and we had a lot of quarrels, and always didn’t want to fight with him. He couldn’t say that he had to get a divorce. I said that the certificate was fake and I planned to buy a house loan. I took the marriage certificate to the Clearing Certificate Bureau. It turned out to be true...

Netizen: My husband is a soldier. It took a long time to fill in the form and stamp. Because he didn't have an ID card to buy a house, he waited for the loan to get down before going to register. I always thought he was not panicking, but he urged me when the loan came. I bought a ticket and went to the training center to obtain a certificate. The first flight of the day was foggy in winter and could not land. I could not return to the flight. I could simply celebrate after I finished it in the morning, but it was only done at 4 p.m., and then I went to eat the same day. For the first meal, I returned to the camp. There were several shifts late at night, and I went back to Chengdu after staying in the army for a day.

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