What are the funny incidents that happened at the wedding banquet-2

/October 2021

Not "vulgar" guest

I have met such a guest before, gobbled it up after the banquet, turned a blind eye to the guests at the same table, and complained while eating: how affordable it is to do it in my own home, no matter how much money I get here, I can’t eat good things, and I have leftovers. The food I ordered was given back to the hotel... The banquet was nearing the end, and the guests took out a few plastic bags from their pockets to divide up the leftovers on the table. The other guests at the same table had not left yet, and they saw this. Can only stare wide. A savvy female customer found that there were no guests at the neighboring table, and immediately greeted her companions and swept away the food at this table as quickly as possible. What's more ridiculous is that the guests at the next table did not leave, but went outside to take a photo with the bride. After returning from the group photo, everyone looked at each other.

Shark's fin becomes a fan

This is an interesting event that happened around us. The last time my friend got married, I was happy in the past and then everyone started to sit down. Halfway through the wedding banquet, the waiter started to show fans, and after the waiter had finished serving, a grandma would immediately talk to the people at our table. Everyone hurry up and eat more fans. I didn’t expect this wedding banquet to be so bad. If a fan came out, it’s really bad. Then we all looked at some of the shark fins on the table. We were speechless on the spot. What is this all about? Shark's fin has become a fan. Grandma is still having fun eating there. She also said that this fan is very delicious. Everyone eats it quickly. She also talked to us about the fun of eating fans in the past. We were all speechless. Eat shark fin as a fan.

The wedding is also a stage, watching human stories, enjoying life, and having fun! The funny things that happened at the wedding banquet, we just laughed at them, but they always left us with a lot of impressions. At the wedding banquet, you can see the state of life, and be able to happily bless a couple of couples in a humorous atmosphere. Wedding banquet fun facts can indeed leave a lot of humor to a wedding banquet so that everyone has a happy meal at the wedding banquet and has more atmosphere.

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