What are the funny incidents that happened at the wedding banquet-1

/October 2021

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The funny incidents at the wedding banquet always amused everyone and added a lot of joy to the wedding banquet. Since the wedding is held in full view, everyone will see every bit of the wedding, and the only things that can stay in the heart are probably the interesting things that happened during the wedding. Funny events always appear inexplicably at weddings, and everyone laughs so much after they appear. Once we have seen many funny wedding banquets happening around us,

Big-name mother-in-law

The first procedure for the groom to enter the bride’s house is to perform a ceremony to recognize the bride’s parents, and then accept the red envelope gift from the parents. Some families will kindly make things difficult for the groom but rarely do the mother-in-law personally make things difficult, but I encountered it once. The bride's mother is very old, and I don't know which relatives and friends taught her to give the groom a pretense, that is, when the bridegroom shouts "Mother", she doesn't have to agree immediately and pretend that she didn't hear it.

 There was a knock on the door, and the guests at the bride's house all walked back to the side. The old lady was left sitting alone in the middle of the sofa in the living room. Holding flowers in his hand, the groom walked into the living room alone and trembling, and bowed respectfully, "Mum, hello!" All eyes were on the face of the old lady. The old lady remembered her family's teachings-she couldn't agree immediately and pretended not to hear her. The bridegroom bowed again and shouted, "Mum, hello!" Looking at the old lady again, his face remained unchanged. The bridegroom lost his temper and became at a loss for what to do. The photographer is in a hurry, so you go ahead, what are you doing in a daze? The bridegroom was anxious and followed everyone aside. The old lady was also in a hurry. She reached out her hand and took the red envelope out of her pocket. Yes, such a big-name mother-in-law, who dares to ask for this red envelope?

The story of borrowing the ring

Exchanging rings is an important part of the current wedding. I once witnessed a couple of newlyweds who were about to hold their wedding ceremony. The best man came to the banquet to ask for a ring for the couple. The reason was that the couple did not prepare the rings of both parties. To make the ceremony perfect, they used the method of borrowing the ring to get married. After the ceremony was completed, the couple immediately took off the ring and returned it to the original owner. All the friends and relatives present were laughing and laughing.

Some newcomers pay special attention to the role of the ring, but the more they pay attention to it, the easier it is to go wrong. When recording on location, the videographer designed a scene where a newcomer wandered along the seaside and whispered under the beautiful scenery. The newcomer was particularly engaged under the camera. When it comes to happiness, the bride waved her finger at the magnificent mountains and rivers. Who knows this shot, the diamond ring in her hand. A flashing arc plunged into the sea. The bride immediately burst into tears and shouted-my ring! However, the ring is buried in the sea forever.