"Four Weddings and One Funeral" -5

/October 2021

The protagonist of the fourth wedding is Charles, who is the heroine? The film was sold for a close, and the name of the bride on the invitation was obscured by flowers.

We can't help thinking about who made the once prodigal son Charles decide to get married. It wasn't until we saw Hannah in white gauze examining herself in the mirror that the mystery was revealed.

So far, the heroines of the four weddings have been wearing white gauze without exception, symbolizing purity and loyalty. This is a British and Western tradition.

Hundreds of years ago, girls always wore their best-looking skirts to get married, and the colours were their own liking.

In 1499, there was a princess named Ann who wore white gauze and got married, setting the precedent for this tradition. Other nobles and wealthy people also began to wear white dresses at their weddings.

And until Queen Victoria got married, she abandoned the royal tradition of hereditary silver dress and changed to white, so that this tradition continued.

The groom’s dress has always been relatively simple, just a black suit. The bride is not only exquisite in the wedding dress, but also in the veil and the items on the body.

In the West, people in the past believed that the bride would provoke evil, so many customs and traditions were created to protect the bride, and the veil was one of them.

The custom of wearing a veil at weddings began in the Roman Empire, and it is said to help exorcise demons. Britons began to wear a veil when they got married in the nineteenth century, symbolizing modesty and innocence.

There are also other things about the bride, such as "old things", which represent old friends of the male and female parties, and are generally given by a married woman who is generally recognized as a well-married woman; "new things" represent a happy marriage and a sweet life. ; "Borrowed things" are borrowed from the maiden's family, usually, items treasured at home, and the bride must return to have good luck; "blue things" refers to the ribbon on the bride's head, a symbol Loyalty began with the custom of the ancient Israelis; “putting sixpence silver coins in your shoes” is to bless the newlyweds to have a portion of good food and clothing in the future. Nowadays, sixpence silver coins are not easy to find and are replaced by one penny silver coins.

Back in the film, the bride Hannah is very nervous but tries to show the most natural appearance. After all, the love for many years has finally become a positive result-although the two people are separated and reunited.

However, just as the pastor reached the link of "whether anyone opposes", the usual routines suddenly had practical meaning. Under the reminder of his younger brother, Charles was finally able to see what he wanted and admitted that he had other loves. man of!

The bridegroom's confession made the bride lose her mind, Charles was knocked to the ground with a punch, and the beaming wedding died halfway, turning into a complete farce.

Suddenly, all forms of things become irrelevant. No matter how particular you are and how much you follow tradition, it is not worth a word of "love".

And this is the message to be conveyed behind the film-true love is the first condition of a happy marriage. When facing marriage, people must face their hearts. This is the most basic responsibility.

The four weddings in the movie have joys and worries, joys and sorrows, showing the various aspects of life and the mentality of ordinary people in the world.

The four weddings in the film "Four Weddings and One Funeral" do not have a sense of repetition, and represent one aspect of British culture-weddings in the form of weddings.

Through the presentation of British folk wedding customs and traditions, as well as the storyline in the film and the interpretation of the psychology of the male and female characters, the film deeply reflects the cultural connotation contained in the film, not only Christianity in British culture The important position of, is to understand the British life philosophy, and it is also the happiness that all ordinary people expect-to have true love.

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