"Four Weddings and One Funeral"-4

/October 2021

Next is the Scottish wedding of Kelly and Hammingson. Without exception, it is also held in the church.

It also gave us a preliminary understanding of Scottish folk culture-bagpipes, kilts, and Scottish dances.

The performance of this wedding focused on the speeches of the bridegroom Hammingson and the bride Kelly, as well as the characteristics of the Scottish wedding. The other links of oaths and ring exchanges were taken away.

The speakers at the first two weddings were traditionally best men, such as Charles and Tom.

In ancient Western customs, the best man was the one who helped the bridegroom to grab the bride. Now the bride is not robbed, but the custom of inviting the best man has continued.

His duty is not to let the groom get rid of bad luck and not to turn back on the way to the church.

From the "Four Weddings and One Funeral", he also needs to take care of the wedding ring of the couple and give a speech while eating dessert before the wedding banquet.

Charles' speech is humorous and trendy, young people like it, but older people find it incredible. But Tom followed Charles's style, saying that some embarrassment about the groom pleased everyone, but it was counterproductive.

However, the heroine of this wedding, Kelly, abandoned the tradition. First, she gave a speech, telling all the guests that she loves her husband. She was candid, straightforward, bright and charming, and made everyone realize that American women are different from British women. one side.

She quoted a quote from John Lennon, "Love is the answer", showing great courage and fearlessness in the face of love, which is in stark contrast to Charles, an English gentleman, who is implicit and restrained.

This is also the difference between American culture and British culture in the eyes of the director.

At this wedding, we can feel the strong cultural shock and the delicate relationship between people.

Scottish culture was originally self-contained in the British cultural system, with a unique style.

For example, at a British wedding, the bride and groom would dance English folk dances to the accompaniment of country music. In the first wedding, Angus and Laura had their feet jumping like kangaroos; while Hammingson and the United States were aristocratic. The Scottish dance performed by Kelly is much more elegant and generous.

Love has contributed to the marriage of two new couples, and as everyone said and all practice has proved, love is easy to get along with, not to mention the huge cultural differences between the two, which require more patience with each other. Bridge.

The sudden death of Gareth at the wedding implied that their marriage ended to no avail. Even in the same culture, people's estrangement can sometimes be deep.

Charles never knew that his good friend Ferna had been in love with herself for many years. When she first heard her say "It's you, Charles, it's always been you", she was speechless.

The funny thing is that Charles himself could not tell the truth to his beloved Kelly, he could only watch her marry someone else.

The gap between people has always existed, but the film still gives us hope that love is motivation, love is everywhere, just like the theme song of the film sings.

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