Fun things about marriage-1

/September 2021


Just don't go too far to pick up the bride. A friend of mine got married and asked us to pick him up. He and his relatives waited at home. As a result, when he arrived at the woman's house, he wouldn't let us in. He had to take out jewelry worth 5000 yuan as the entry fee. I relied on a few of us guys at that time to scrape together only more than 2000 yuan. I called the bridegroom. He said that he would pick up the person first, and then he would either draw a card directly to the relative's account of the woman. 

As a result, they disagreed and insisted on ready-made jewelry, which made my friend so angry that he yelled at us directly on the phone and let all the floats go back to the hotel. This time he treated all his relatives and friends to dinner. 

Without saying a word, we turned around and left. As a result, at 11:00 in the afternoon, the woman called to ask what was going on and why she didn't answer it again. This guy said bluntly whether you like it or not. I just thought that this time I invited my guys to have a meal. 

Ten minutes to noon, the bride came to the hotel in her wedding dress. 


The last time a colleague went to pick up the bride, the bride's house was not allowed to enter, and at last, she was not allowed to enter the door after 11: 30. 

Later, the bridegroom got angry and made a phone call: Gee, whether love will marry or not, it will not appear at the door of the hotel at 12:18, and you will never enter my door again! 

After the phone call, the bridegroom went to the hotel, and the bride's family finally delivered her daughter on time. 


It's okay to have a little fun, but don't go too far. 

When a friend of mine got married. 

The other party blocked the door and asked him to kneel at the door and bark like a dog before letting him in. The discussion failed and my friend barked. 

But after the call, he was not allowed to enter the man's side and became popular, and he just went back and didn't tie the knot. 

After an hour, the woman called and asked the father of the man and refused directly, saying that he would go directly to the Minzheng Bureau to see him. 


(the license has been obtained before the wedding)

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