[Fun fact] Stunned surprises at global weddings-3

/October 2021

An ambassador to Dubai divorced his wife at the wedding

In February 2010, a divorce case in Dubai attracted a lot of attention in the local area because on the day of the wedding, it was discovered that his new wife was not only cross-eyed but also had a mustache, the groom who shouted "fucked" Angrily left the bride at the wedding scene and rushed directly to the court to apply for a divorce and demand compensation. It is reported that the unknown groom is nearly forty years old and is the ambassador of an Arab country to Dubai. The groom’s friends said that the marriage was purely arranged. Although the bride and groom had had a few brief meetings before, the bride had always been wearing a headscarf, and the two were a few feet away, so it was hard to see what the bride looked like. It's normal. Later, the bridegroom decided that the bride’s temperament and temperament were more suitable for him, so he decided on the marriage. As a result, the above embarrassing incident happened at the wedding scene. 

   The American rich man suddenly changed his mind at the wedding and said "I don't want to!"

In January 2008, a live-action version of the famous Hollywood movie "Runaway Bride" was staged, but this time the "runaway" person was replaced by the groom. The 50-year-old Florida multimillionaire Jim Ferraro held a grand wedding and married and fell in love 5 44-year-old girlfriend Patricia Delinois. But what is astounding is that just after Philaro and the bride exchanged wedding rings and read the marriage vows, he temporarily changed his mind with fear of marriage. He who should have said "I do" actually blurted out " I don't want to!" Then he announced the cancellation of the wedding, leaving his dumbfounded fiancée and guests alone. It is reported that Fellaro divorced once and had three children with his ex-wife, and this failed wedding left a huge psychological shadow on him.

  Charles Wedding Highlights: Streakers Make Weddings

In April 2005, the British Crown Prince Charles and Camilla once again stepped on the red carpet. The two held a "civilian wedding" at Windsor City Hall, and 28 closest family members and guests witnessed it at Windsor City Hall. Charles and Camilla's wedding ceremony lasted more than 20 minutes. To ensure the safety of the entire wedding, the security of Chaka's wedding day is extremely strict. According to Selinger, the former captain of the British royal family’s guard, there should be at least 50 snipers lying on nearby rooftops, and more ground security guards. Despite the tight defenses, an accident happened: a naked man suddenly jumped over the blockade and rushed towards the middle of the road where Charles' special car passed! However, several police officers quickly threw him to the ground and took him away from the scene later.

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