Anecdote of Wedding Customs in Various Countries-4

/October 2021

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Africans love to wear blue wedding dresses

  Do Africans wear wedding dresses? To say that before, there were no African girls who got married and wore wedding dresses. In the wedding photos at that time, the bride was naturally dressed in traditional African dress. Many people chose beautiful dresses made of high-end fabrics such as batik and embroidered cloth. Even though Catholics and Christians in coastal cities in Africa are used to getting married in churches, they rarely wear wedding dresses to take pictures. The reason is that most people are reluctant to spend money in this area; the other is that traditional wedding dresses are more suitable for whites' hairstyles, skin colors, and figures. African girls don't think they look good.

However, in recent years, fashion magazines and TV shows have become very popular in Africa, and local people have begun to adapt to the taste of wedding dresses. More and more black female models active on the European and American catwalks have also shown their compatriots the uniqueness of wedding dresses. Glamour, so wearing wedding dresses and taking wedding photos quickly became a fashion for young people in many countries.

   Due to limited financial resources, most African brides do not order wedding dresses, but rent them from "wedding clothing rental shops". These stores are generally open in the bustling commercial street, with large and bright glass windows facing the street. In Benin, a normal wedding dress costs 3000 West African francs a day.

   Interestingly, many African brides like to rent light blue, pink, and other color wedding dresses instead of white wedding dresses. This has a certain relationship with the need for skin color matching. In addition, most of the wedding dresses used for renting are second-hand, not designed for locals, so they are a little uncoordinated to wear.

   It is worth mentioning that African photo studios rarely provide complete wedding photo services because this type of service is not popular with newcomers: too tired, too expensive, and too time-consuming. Most of the wedding photos that we can see are taken directly by people. The photographer will attend the wedding as a guest and staff.

   The reporter attended a wedding in Mali. At that time, the couple rented a small restaurant (without meals) for 25,000 CFA francs, spent 75,000 CFA francs to hire bands, photographers, and hire floats. In this way, the grand wedding attended by hundreds of people started gracefully. The drums, singing, and laughter were endless at the wedding, and the photographers were also busy keeping the best pictures of the couple in their photos. The entire wedding has very little expense, but the couple and guests are happy and full of fun.

   The wedding dress as a formal dress will only be worn for a short while during the wedding for taking pictures. At other times, the bride will put on a beautiful African dress and have fun with the guests. Dance and drumming are indispensable in African weddings, and it is awkward to always wear a rented wedding dress.

So, what does the bride wear with the photo on the African marriage certificate? I have been in Africa for many years, and I have only seen two marriage certificates. The photos above were stitched together with one-inch color photos of the bride and groom. The bride's clothes are naturally not particular. In fact, in many parts of Africa, especially in rural areas, only weddings do not pay attention to documents. Many couples are full of children and have not registered.