World of Warcraft Theme Weddings

/September 2021

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If you love a game, how much can you love it? 

Perhaps this question can only be answered by veteran players who have been playing a game for more than 10 years. 

For most World of Warcraft players, the embodiment of this kind of feeling is particularly obvious, it is no exaggeration to say that many Worlds of Warcraft players have already regarded this game as their second home. 

Not only do I spend the day in the game after work, but it is also influenced by World of Warcraft in reality. For example, recently, it has been reported on the Internet that some World of Warcraft players have arranged their wedding scene as a World of Warcraft-themed wedding when they get married. 

No matter some of the decorations at the scene, even cakes, tables, and chairs, etc., are full of Warcraft flavor. 

In addition, from the photos posted by netizens, it can also be seen that the married wower should be a tribal player, because, at the wedding scene, a lot of tribal flags were hung, which looked very sensible as a whole. 

It is worth mentioning that this scene is all Warcraft scenes, the bride is still holding a handful of Frost's sadness, it is ironic. 

Players who know World of Warcraft should know the meaning of Frostmourne. In the background of the game, this sword is a sword of patricide and an unknown sword. The bride holds such a sword at the wedding scene. I can only say that I love this game deeply. 

In fact, in addition to this couple, many newlyweds on the Internet will choose this kind of game-themed wedding when they get married, not only World of Warcraft players, but also many other gamers, as long as they have economic conditions. Will choose this kind of theme wedding. 

Some may be to commemorate their lost youth, while others have special significance. 

For example, many young people, may be because of a game to know each other and love each other, so they moved their game scenes to the wedding scene and invited many game friends to witness this happy moment. 

But then again, if you want to arrange such a wedding, you can't do it without a certain amount of financial strength. 

So, ordinary players, even if they want to come to such a beautiful game-themed wedding, they are willing but powerless. I don't know if you think so?