Went to the wrong marriage registration office on the day of obtaining the license

/September 2021

Because the license was in a hurry, the 8th casually went to a photo studio to take photos. On the 9th, he was extremely dissatisfied with the photos and became angry. Finally, he revised the picture himself. On the day of obtaining the license on the 10th, my boyfriend's husband got up at 5: 00 in the morning and queued up in Hanjiang District (draw a key point, Hanjiang District, which can be used later). I slept in my room, and the marriage registration office opened at 9 o'clock. We were in the top three, and everything went well at the beginning. 

I went to copy and went into the hall to fill in the form. the staff saw that our hukou book said that our district was not here, and we should go to Guangling District. We ran out of the hall with a bewildered face. I asked my boyfriend if he was going to tie the knot. He said that he had to take a taxi today, then took a taxi, waited for a taxi to come, complained all the way, took 20 minutes on the way to Guangling District, and re-queued up to collapse. 

I got up at five o'clock and lined up lonely. are your husbands all so unreliable? finally, the emperor lived up to his heart and got a small notebook before noon. out of the marriage registry office, it is no exaggeration to say that my mentality has collapsed. I think I am ten years old in an instant, and I vaguely feel a trace of regret. Ha, that's how the second stage of life begins.

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