Wedding anecdotes-2

/September 2021

2. A mother-in-law who plays a big name

The first procedure for the bridegroom to enter the bride's home is to recognize the bride's parents and then receive red envelopes from their parents. 

Some families will give the bridegroom some well-intentioned difficulties, but rarely the mother-in-law herself, but I encountered once. 

The bride's mother is very old. I don't know which relatives and friends told her to give the groom a lesson, that is, when the bridegroom shouted "Mom", she didn't have to say yes immediately and pretend not to hear it. 

There was a knock on the door and the guests at the bride's house retreated to both sides. 

The old lady was left sitting in the middle of the sofa in the living room. 

The bridegroom walked into the living room alone and trembling with flowers in his hand and bowed respectfully. "Hello, Mom!" 

All eyes were fixed on the old lady's face. 

The old lady kept in mind the teachings of her family she couldn't agree right away and pretended not to hear it. 

The bridegroom bowed again and shouted, "Hello, Mom!" 

If you look at the old lady again, she still doesn't change her face. 

The bridegroom lost his temper and was at a loss. 

The photographer is in a hurry. What are you waiting for? 

As soon as the bridegroom was in a hurry, he followed the crowd and retreated to one side. 

The old lady was also in a hurry. She reached out and took the red packet out of her pocket and held it in her hand. The bridegroom did not dare to approach. 

Also, with such a big-name mother-in-law, who dares to ask for this red envelope?

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