The real Indian caste system

/September 2021

Today, I talked to my friends from India about their caste system. 

It started when she told me about an Indian boy on a date recently. 

They come from different provinces and speak different languages. 

And then I finally asked her curiously, "I heard there are different classes in India." 

She was very happy to introduce some to me: 

There is four class in total, each class has subclasses, and the subclasses of each province are different. 

Generally speaking, parents let their children marry within their own subclass, so in India, they often marry their cousins to their cousins, which is very true and common. 

The explanation given to me by my Indian friend is: because in this way, my family's money will not flow out and it will still be in my own family! 

She also explained to me why she could marry her brother in her period, but I didn't understand it either. 

Some provinces can marry across grades, but generally, low-race girls marry high-caste boys, and there are no low-caste boys who enter the high caste because they marry a high-caste girl. 

She is not allowed to marry across grades in her province. 

The Indian girl never asked what grade she was with the boys in date. "she said she was afraid to know that they were not of the same grade. If they were together, she would stay abroad and invite relatives to attend weddings abroad. She dared not imagine how troublesome it would be for two people to go back to India to get married."

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